trans.of article on Yuchun’s confessions

trans.of article on Yuchun’s confessions

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Dignity and Danger of Detention Warrant which led Park Yuchun to Make

■”Yes! You have informed me of your crime!”

This is a line that often appears in Korean historical dramas, where kings beat suspects with clubs, jelli with confessions, and ultimately
elicited convictions. Even during the military regime, suspects were hung upside down, and fed on their noses seolleongtan, and finally
forced to make their confessions. Later, evidence to prove their guilt were created and they got convicted.

However, in today’s Korean society, we do not pursue such a pre-modern
judicial system. We seek to prove guilt through detailed evidence, not
based on confessions. There is a statement that an investigative
agency conveys to a suspect at first.

“You have the right not to make statements against you.”

■Make Park Yuchun confess with an arrest warrant
Dignity of investigation under detention which made Park Yuchun confess

However, there is one problem that remains in practice. That is an arrest warrant. It is said that many suspects are mentally shocked because they feel isolated from society from the day they were held in
detention. The arrest warrant was issued to Mr. Park Yuchun and he was imprisoned in detention. It is said that there is no cell (single person ward) at the Suwon Southern Police Station where Mr. Park Yuchun was detained and there are only male wards and female wards. Mr. Park Yuchun were probably with many other suspects under detention
officer. I think Mr. Park Yuchun was more likely to be attracted to many suspects. Mr. Park Yuchun who had denied the charges admitted the one day after the reporter wrote that unless he admited what has
to be admitted he would not be able to come back to society.

Danger of investigation under detention

Mr. Park Yuchun drinks another mouthful and tells about his crime. Police have applied for a detention warrant for drug use since
February this year, but Mr. Park Yuchun made additional self-statement that “last summer” he “received drug from Ms. Hwang Hana and took it.”

The police stated this confession as it was and recorded it.

There, however, is little evidence to prove the medication. Ms. Hwang Hanna also said that she never handed drugs. There are cases where
additional investigations are required at the prosecution stage, the trial may not prove guilty. Nevertheless, Mr. Park Yuchun gave the
statement. It is said that after Park Yucheon was detained, he asked his lawyer what the fastest way would be to leave the detention

“This fellow! You have informed us of your sin.”

This is why the investigation under detention appears to be somewhat dangerous.

Dignified and dangerous investigations under detention

Of course, many people deny their allegations even if they are detained. Ms. Choe Sun-sil who has been called a secret powerhouse,and her 30-year friend Park Yue, the former president. Shortly after the former return to her country and 18 days after the latter leaving the presidential office, they were arrested in an emergency and were taken into custody, but are still strongly deny their charges.

Investigation under detention may not be a measure of the last resort for investigative agencies.

Perhaps that’s why there are cases where the situation is completely different. This is the Burning Sun case of the Seoul District Police Agency’s intelligent crime squad, which is leading investigations of human rights. While the article on the application for the
investigation under detention for BIGBANG Seung Ri has been published for a month, the investigation agency has not given in and been sticking to its principle of non-detention investigations.

I want to know whether the police have applied this principle to all fairly.

Reporter Chu Won-jin

English translation by @jjnacchann